A list of interesting projects I've been working on. Either things that I've started, or heavily contribute to.


Novel graph-based spatio-temporal database, designed to improve management of complex, time-varying spatial data. Core deliverable of my PhD research.

Not public yet, but will be soon!

Data @ the point of care

Experimental project to explore ways of improving access to Medicare claims data, within the electronic health record system.

This website is a Mirage Unikernel written in OCaml and running on Google Compute Engine.


Tuple library for the JVM. Allows for fast computation and filtering operations over large arrays by using bytecode generation and efficient memory layout.

Forked from the original Boundary project, with a few improvements.


Go library for dynamically updating Cloudflare DNS records. Used primarily to expose my internal development resources over the internet.


I help maintain the Homebrew tap for various Geospatial packages on MacOS.


Clojure macro for conditional binding of values. Mimics the Optional.orElse() functionality in Java.