Dec 31st, 2012

2012 – Year in Review: Travel

By Nick Robison

2012 was a year of change for me, both internally and externally. Over the next couple of blog posts I’ll be attempting to quantify and qualify said change through a snapshot of activities and locales, and final rambling introspection. It should be quite exciting for everyone involved (and many of you who read this blog will have been involved with me in some part of this grand adventure). So, let’s begin with travel.

This past year I had the tremendous opportunity to spend the first 4 months of the year living in Holbæk, Denmark with the lovely Modin family and studying Public Health (or folkesundhed) at the _Danish Institute for Study Abroad _in Copenhagen (Købehavn). I also moved myself and my few possessions halfway across the country to Seattle, Washington. Through all of this I’ve accumulated a series of statistics:

  • Traveled to 6 countries (4 new ones), bringing my country total to 12.
  • Traveled to 12 states (4 new ones), bringing my state total to 42.
  • Flew just over 30,000 miles over 153 days to 16 cities.
  • Traveled on 8 different air carriers.
  • Was 2000 miles short of status on Air Canada, except I didn’t have enough travel segments so I was ineligible anyways. Now I’m using my United number.

Over the next year it looks like I’ll be traveling about once a month, which is huge for me, and I’m really excited about it. I love traveling and I love the fact that God’s put me in a place where what I do involves sharing what I do with other people.