Aug 30th, 2012


By Nick Robison

It seems appropriate to start off this new blogging season in a new city with an obligatory photo of the Space Needle, which has the joint purpose of both giving a visual overview of the area in which I now live and inspiring begrudging jealousy from those who are not party to such a landscape. Thus:

Be jealous all you from afar.

With that out of the way… no wait, one more:

Microsoft Atrium in the Paul G. Allen Building

The Microsoft Atrium in the _Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering _where I am currently enjoying a coffee, scone, and some riveting discussions on using the new AMD APUs to drive 6 Kinect cameras in a joint surgery/underwater exploration project to do some sort of advanced motion tracking. These are my people.

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I rolled up with the 3 best friends that anyone ever had, in Deer Bane, loaded down to the point of damaging the suspension. It’s been a great couple of weeks that alternated between sheer terror and utter boredom, along the way I’ve learned a few things that should make the future much more pleasant:

  1. The Walmart in Renton is the definition of rachet (thanks Daniel for that new phrase), imagine a dark, dingy maze designed to reward rats for their cleverness, but instead of cheese what awaits you is the equivalent of a mosh pit with 500 of your not closest friends.

  2. An effective way to earn money is to sit on the side of the street with a sign hung by a string on a pole that says ‘Fishing for Beer Money’.

  3. Some cities, in lieu of roosters, wake up their neighbors via a young man walking down the street shouting ‘F*\** you! F*** you, you stupid B****!’ at the top of his lungs. It’s actually quite effective.

  4. The amount of food required by 1 person is significantly less then the amount required by 7, especially if 1/7th of the consumers are Nathaniel Robison. Thus, opening the fridge should not automatically result in the thought ‘Oh no, I have no food’, though it often does.

  5. Comcast is evil. (But you already knew that)

  6. The hospital shuttle busses will take you downtown for free, it saves $4.75/trip and only adds 4 miles of walking.

  7. Life is a lot quieter then I’d previous believed, which is probably the result of living with the Robisons for all those years and my time at Fairway.

  8. Old apartments have bugs, though I’m still trying to figure out the optimum spider-to-termite ratio.

  9. In a small apartment not setting off the smoke detector is nigh impossible, even with the overhead fan on, especially if the chef is myself.

  10. Refusing to stock non-local, non-organic food in the groceries and charging $0.05 per paper bag may be a sign of a socialist revolution, but it enables me to have immense moral superiority over the ignorant masses. ‘Wait, you still use paper bags? Philistine.’

  11. Seattle Churches are currently suffering from a dearth of qualified drummers.

  12. Sometimes streets are actually stairs, and that’s ok.

  13. You can freeze milk.

  14. Libraries are awesome, especially when you have many hours in the day with which to read. Though, Purdue’s libraries seem to be far superior.

  15. Going from a place where you are known and where you have purpose to a place where you are unknown and trying to establish who you and what you’re called to do is hard. Maybe when the dust settles a little I can expand more on this.

So that’s where I am, I’m starting to establish a routine, find places I like to hang out, and the hidden treasures around me. It’s been a fun process to determine things that I really like to do and things that I’m no a huge fan of (you’d think after 23 years I’d know myself pretty well, but you’d be mistaken). I’m working on using this time to become more open to Christ and to listen to the things he’s trying to teach me. I’ll try and post a few photos of my new habitat, once it becomes picture ready, which may take some time.

I’m off to my office (yes I have an office, in a trailer) to start getting up to speed on some new stuff.

Until next time

(I couldn’t resist)