Feb 5th, 2012


By Nick Robison

Yesterday I met up with a group of kids from DIS who live with host families within a small radius of me, a few of them I’d met before but most were new faces and as none of them were in my core program it was nice to branch out a bit.

We met in downtown Roskilde [Ross-killa], the main city in our area, and walked through the city center by the Cathedral (the oldest in Denmark) which sits on a pedestrian only street (which seem to be all the rage in Europe) and serves as a central meeting point.

I think it’s important to point how unbelievably cold it was yesterday. The amount of time we spent walking around meant I didn’t regain feeling in my toes until after I’d gotten home around 5pm (and I was wearing wool socks, albeit not very good ones). This temperature extreme meant we became well acquainted with a home goods store (with a very Cindy Harvey feel), a toy store, a cafe´ and an old shoppe at the Roskilde museum that resembled something out of the 1840s.

Finally our guide (a student at the University of Roskilde) remembered that the Roskilde Museum of Modern Art was featuring a new exhibit called Never Odd or Even (so 0?) that had free admission for students.

I have a mixed relationship with modern art, for the most part I enjoy it, but I often struggle to identify with the major themes of the artist. Often I feel there’s a sort of pretension that comes from the artist knowing that you’re not a part of their art conversation, and enjoying that. But I digress, what was really fascinating to me was the fact that all the artwork was in English but the explanations about the pieces were in Danish. Maybe that’s the point? I really don’t know anymore.

I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone (as my D40 still hasn’t been charged) and uploaded them for you viewing pleasure, I think some of the pieces were really cool, especially the Helvetica ones.

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